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Utah State students produce something tasty, healthy and new

By Anapesi Kaili 

Utah State University’s farmers market began less than a month ago, but participating local businesses are already seeing growth in revenue from student consumers.

The market features vendors from around the valley, as well as several local farms.

Representatives from Tanaka Balance, one of the local businesses involved, said they appreciated the opportunities the farmers market has already given them. 

“This has helped our sales tremendously,” said Sheldon Namaski, a chef at Tanaka Balance. “Being up here, we do catering, and it’s spawned two or three jobs already.”

The increased business is a direct result of the visibility the business was able to receive from being a part of the market, Namaski said.

“Last year USU was rated for one of the worst schools with community engagement,” said James Worth, a student at Utah State involved in organizing the market. “This allows students to get a taste of Logan.”

The farmers market has been in the works since January, according to creator Samantha Bunderson. Bunderson applied for grants through Utah State’s Blue Goes Green program, something she said many students do not know about and do not take advantage of.

“What the market does is it helps local businesses sell to students and it also helps to bring it to students so they can get it right on campus,” Bunderson said. “You know it’s organic and it’s healthy.”

Becca Favero, an employee at Tanaka Balance, enjoyed giving samples out to students and being able to introduce students to healthy cuisine.

“It’s really hard to get advertising to the college students sometimes and this is perfect,” Favero said. “I mean we are here. We are able to affiliate with everyone.”

Delaney Farris, a student at Utah State, has been purchasing from the farmers market as often as she can.

“There’s fruits and vegetables here that are local and that’s really great,” Farris said. “I honestly would go to the store before and get whatever’s there, but this is better because it’s on campus and it’s local.”

The farmers market is open weekly on Thursdays through Oct. 16 near the Taggart Student Center fountains.