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Utah State’s attempt to keep students from traveling has been unsuccessful

Tana J. Haag


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The loss of an official spring break during the COVID-19 pandemic did not stop Utah State University students from traveling.

Many USU students attended Zoom classes from Hawaii, Florida and even Europe. 

Addy Bennett, a freshman at USU, spent a weekend completing assignments from airports and planes while making her way to Disney World for a family trip. She’s not alone in her travels.

Isaac Niu, a sophomore, said he spends most of his weekends at home in Utah County, but he’s managed to visit friends in California and Arizona.

“The bubble they’re trying to keep us in isn’t working, but we still don’t get a break from school,” Niu said.

Others agree the travel hasn’t stopped at all, as trips are still planned and Zoom classes are done from anywhere in the world.

“My grandson and a large group of his friends are gone for the week skiing, laptops in tow,” said Ross Peterson, a history professor at USU. “I think if the basketball conference tournament was allowing fans, there would be many in Las Vegas, regardless of classes. I know some professors who are not even in Utah right now.”

Some professors are flustered and many grades are suffering because students and professors alike are working around their school schedules to travel.

“We deserve to have a dedicated spring break, to give us a time when we can take these trips,” Bennett said. “It’s so complicated to leave while classes are in session, but students need that time away to travel and experience new things.”

Kyra Johnson, Bennett’s roommate, is planning a road trip to San Francisco next week. After seeing so many of her peers head out for similar trips, she couldn’t resist planning something fun for herself.

“I’ve had friends leave to skydive, surf and explore new countries this semester,” Johnson said. “I can’t wait to go on my own adventures and to get some sunshine next week. I just wish we didn’t have to let our grades suffer for it.”