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A new convenience store gives students another way to use up their Dining Dollars before they expire

Jeremy Chin


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A new on-campus convenience store opened at Utah State University in early March, giving students another way to use their Dining Dollars by the end of the semester.

Within weeks of opening, The Depot, located within Utah State University’s Central Campus, was busy with students who didn’t want their campus cash to go to waste.

A cashier at the store, Savannah Manu, said she usually sees around 50 people during her five-hour shift.

“I would say about 90% of them use Dining Dollars and then the other 10% use either cash or card,” Manu said.

Dining Dollars, essentially a dining debit card, can be used at a variety of stores on campus. Students are given $175 each semester, but many spend less than $10 each week — leading to a surplus at the end of the semester.

Edison Moll, another clerk, said large groups have come in for the sole purpose of spending their pre-paid currency.

“These groups just try to buy a bunch of stuff, whether that be chips, candy, or our 12-pack sodas,” Moll said. “There was even this one dude who spent $80 at once.”

One customer, Hyrum Ivie, said he didn’t know about his Dining Dollars until The Depot opened.

“Not even kidding, I have to spend $45 a week if I want to use them all up,” Ivie said. “I personally don’t have much use for them, so I gotta use them somewhere, and I feel like this is a good place to do that.”

A regular patron, Adam Nielson, said he plans to use the rest of his Dining Dollars at The Depot because of its convenient location.

“At first, I was worried I wasn’t gonna be able to spend all my Dining Dollars because the only place I could spend them was all the way down at The Quickstop,” Nielson said. “But now I can just buy stuff here and then I don’t have to waste the money at the end of the semester.”