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7 degrees hotter this March — and that's likely just the start, scientist says


Anomalous temperatures in February and March indicate that temperatures are rising earlier in the year and by increased margins. The consequence this year has been rapid snow melting — and flooding — in Northern Utah.

After pollution spike, the rush is on for researchers


A spike in Cache Valley’s air pollution earlier this month may have been bad for the health of people in Northern Utah, but it has been good for some researchers at Utah State University.

Is this the aporkalypse? Researcher discovers blue-ribbon hogs can carry ‘leather boot’ gene


Nearly half of the hogs being raised by 4H participants in Utah may be carrying a gene that can negatively impact the texture and taste of their meat, according to an agricultural researcher at Utah State University.

Cedar Breaks National Monument is going for the gold — and for the pitch black


The International Dark-Sky Association announced on Tuesday that Cedar Breaks National Monument would become the next park in Utah to be dark sky certified.

As Trump and Clinton bash trade, economists say farmers could suffer


If rhetoric foretells policy when it comes to international trade, it might not matter who wins the presidency in November. Utah’s farmers could lose big.

Has a Utah State research team found a potential vaccine for Zika?


Justin Julander, an associate professor with the university’s Institute for Antiviral Research, has been working on Zika with funding from the National Institute of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since December. Now, ...