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Winter parking permit prices rise in Logan

By Miranda Tilley
Nov. 16, 2016 

The Logan City Council on Tuesday increased the price to purchase winter parking permits to $75 — and Mayor Craig Petersen hopes this will decrease vehicles parked overnight in the street.  

“The struggle the city has with overnight street parking is that it creates problems for the snowplows,” Petersen said.

The original proposed ordinance for the price of permits was $250 but, after hearing testimonies from Logan citizens, the council settled on $75.

Landlord Dakota Worrell said the originally suggested price hike was troublesome.

He said it would have been more economical, "for me to have my tenants collect their parking tickets and I’ll pay that instead of buying permits." 

The current violation for overnight parking without a permit is a $20 fine.

Councilman Tom Jensen suggested the council evaluate whether that could be increased.

“You’ll take a lot more cars off the street if you increase the ticket rather than the permit,” Jensen said. 

Permits will continue to be available to purchase for $50 through Jan. 1.

“I think we try it out for a year and see if we need to raise it higher in the future,” Councilwoman Holly Daines said.