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Sky View juniors faced with tough decision

By Rylee Marron 

Sky View High School’s juniors have until Christmas to make a momentous choice — completing their studies as Bobcats or being part of the first graduating class from Green Canyon High School.

Green Canyon principal Dave Swenson is hoping to persuade 250 Sky View juniors to make the switch to the

new school in North Logan.

“Come and be a part of a new tradition,” Swenson has been telling would-be Wolves. “You’ll be the first graduating class. We can help set some of the traditions that’ll last forever.”

Swenson is planning to hold a November presentation about the opportunities being offered at Green Canyon. He said he understands some people want to be with their friends — but he hopes that means they’ll come together.

“I hope we get every one of them,” Swenson said.

Swenson said he’ll present Green Canyon as a school with a lot to offer. The school will have all new classrooms and sports facilities, new technology and, unlike Sky View, air conditioning in every room.

Despite the amenities, some students are apprehensive about switching schools.

“Honestly, when I first heard about it I was really mad,” said Madi Seammons, a junior at Sky View. “I think it is not a very good idea to take seniors out of their high school that they know and put them into a new place with other people.” 

Mckenna Carlson, also a junior at Sky View, is also against making the switch.

“Sticking with the high school I went to school to and graduating from that school would be better than being the first graduating class,” she said.

Seammons and Carlson might be harder to convince than other students — they both live across the street from Sky View and enjoy the familiarity.

“I already know the people here and I am familiar with the area,” Seammons said. “It feels like home. If I were to go to a new school it would be very foreign to me.”

“Ever since I was little I was excited to go to Sky View,” Carlson said.

Junior Rachel Williams said she sees potential in the new school.

“There would be a lot more opportunities for sports,” Williams said. “I also think it would be fun to be the first graduating class.” 

Still, Williams said, she will choose to graduate from Sky View. Swenson may be offering new traditions, but she has some older ones to tend to.

“My siblings all graduated from Sky View,” Williams said. “So I would like to continue the tradition.”