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Iconic landmark in Providence to soon undergo renovations

By Jacob Olson | March 15, 2017

In preparation for the renovation of the historic Old Rock Church in Providence, owner Ralph Call is about to begin restoring a bungalow that sits on the same property.

The bungalow, which was made into a bed-and-breakfast by the property’s previous owner, stands just a few feet away from the church. The upper rooms were transformed by the former owner and now the bungalow’s basement will be furnished into rooms. Additionally, the two suites on the main floor will receive an additional bed each, manager Kip Gilley said.

Call said he expects the bungalow to be completed by the end of summer, making room for the work on the church to begin.

The church, which was finished in 1871, was bought four years ago by Call, who was worried that it might be torn down and was determined to preserve its “historical value.”

The church’s chapel, which is used as an event center, will be restored to look like it was when it was first built. 

Gilley expects the preservation effort to be good for business.

Previous owner Karl Seethaler said the B&B is consistent with the church’s “historic purpose.”

“It’s always been a people place," he said.

The church’s chapel hosts about 60 weddings a year, Gilley said, and business has been on the rise.

Gilley said Brigham Young, the second president of the LDS church, declared the church would stand for centuries.

“Fifty more years and we’ve reached the goal,” Gilley said.