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Cache County asked to shrink by an acre to benefit Weber housing development

By Ayanna Likens | March 15, 2017

The Cache County Council is considering a request to transfer an acre of property to Weber County.

If approved, the land transfer — which would cede a plot of land near the Powder Mountain ski resort — would mark the first time the county has moved its boundaries since the 1980s. Council members, though, have expressed skepticism about the request.

Craig Sears, a property manager and construction company owner, proposed the transfer to the council on Tuesday, explaining that there is “a misfit lot” on the county boundary lines. An acre of the lot is on the Cache County side and 3.46 acres are in Weber County.

“If we don’t move the boundary it will become wasted land,” Sears said. “It is an irregular-shaped lot, so by moving the acre into the Weber boundary we would be able to make something great out of it.”

Sears said he hopes to see the lot transformed into a housing development, noting the property enhancements would benefit the schools in the area.

The council wasn’t convinced.

“I don’t like the idea of just giving Weber our land,” council member Greg Merrill said. “Cache County would be losing valuable tax money.”

The council members did not feel comfortable making the decision yet — they want to see if Powder Mountain is interested in the lot. They differed action until their next meeting on March 28.

“Moving the land boundary is something that doesn’t come around often,” council member Dave Erikson said, “so it is something that we aren’t taking lightly.”