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Noise complaints prompt North Logan to discuss moving trucks

Jacey Smart


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North Logan City Council members are still undecided on selling a parcel of land housing the Streets Department’s trucks, shed and other equipment.

“Every year we get complaints from the neighbors about the noise coming from the shed,” said acting mayor Damon Cann.

The shed is located at approximately 1650 N. 1150 East, directly behind a residential area.

During the winter, residents complain because of the noise snow plows make as they leave early in the morning.

Safety standards require the truck drivers to honk their horn when in reverse, no matter the time of day.

Neighbors also consider commotion during the workday a nuisance.

“That’s a horrible location for that kind of operation to be,” council member Bruce Lee said.

This problem has been going on for many years and city officials are still trying to determine the best solution.

Council members want to sell the land and move the department to a different location in the city. A new location has not been selected.

During a public hearing, four residents who live near the shed gave their opinions and asked questions regarding the matter.

Keith Bingham wanted to know who would be responsible to clean up the land if there was waste from oil or salt.

Council members said they were not aware of any waste, but that one solution to the concern would be selling the land “as-is” and making clean-up the responsibility of the buyer.

Lydia Embry wanted to know what the shed would be replaced with. Council members said if the land was sold, it would be up to the buyer to decide how to use the property.

North Logan resident Kevin Webb does not like the idea of the shed being moved and worries residents would bear the cost of this.

“We’re putting the cart before the horse,” Webb said.

One idea discussed in the meeting was temporarily moving the department to the city property where the Parks Department is located, near Elkridge Park.

However, Cann said he thought it would be best if the Streets Department did not have to move twice.

Cann said there is not an exact timeline for this sale, but that sooner rather than later would be best.