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Changes to Logan Regional maternity suites provide more options for mothers

Autumn Marilyn Miskin


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Expectant mothers now have more options for giving birth at Logan Regional Hospital.

A large tub and wooden cabinets have been installed in a few of the maternity suites. Labor and delivery manager Georgette White said these improvements are part of an effort to provide a better birthing experience for mothers and their families.

“Patients that have used the birthing tub have loved it,” White said. “It allows women to float, relax and look outside at the stars and the moon.”

The hospital uses focus groups to find out what the general community wants in its local hospital. White said it was through a focus group that hospital staff found out community members wanted access to a birthing tub.

“Our main goal is that we wanted women to have options,” said Aubree Udy, a registered nurse. “We want to provide women with a comfortable environment for childbirth.”
According to Udy, some people were also bothered by the way the hospital rooms looked, so wooden cabinets were put around medical equipment to give it a more home-like feel.

These improvements have not increased costs at all, White said.

Udy said every labor is different and the hospital staff wants to facilitate the best birth possible for each mother.