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Logan to launch map that will help neighbors identify homes with too many occupants

By Matilyn Mortensen | Jan. 30, 2017

Logan residents who suspect their neighbors may be violating city rules for how many people can live in one home will be able to find answers more easily with a new interactive map on

The map, which Logan officials hope to launch in the next few weeks, is part of a city attempt to better reinforce zoning and occupancy laws.

The map comes in response to resident complaints that many landlords choose to rent homes to multiple individuals — often students — rather than one family. Such rental agreements are not legal in all areas of the city.

“I think it’s of concern to the city that there are people that are violating the law in their occupancy," Logan councilman Tom Jensen said. "And so, if people are aware of it, the city has a better chance to enforce the law."

When residents have concerns about occupancy, they can use the map to identify how many people may live at a particular address. They can then use that information to inform the city of potential occupancy violations, which city officials contend can aggravate parking availability and lead to increased turnover and decreased value in surrounding properties.

“It’s just another tool for neighbors and neighborhoods to promote some neighborhood stability,” said Logan's director of community development, Mike DeSimone.