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Will Logan land be 'nibbled to death by ducks'?

February 22, 2017

Rezoning land in the Cliffside area of Logan will encourage housing stability, city leaders believe, but likely will also contribute to urban sprawl in Cache Valley....

Some in Logan are fawning over deer abatement program, others buck at the idea

November 20, 2016

Logan residents are nearly evenly split on whether the city should take action to reduce the population of deer within city limits, according to the results of a new survey -- and the lack of a clear ...

Logan council approves housing unit, blocking some residents' views of Utah State

November 16, 2016

The Logan City Council on Tuesday approved a new student housing unit near Utah State University -- over the objections of some residents who said their cherished views of Old Main would be blocked....

Parking enforcers fear new ordinance will cost jobs, result in more towed cars

October 14, 2016

Parking enforcement companies in Logan are worried a new ordinance regulating the time in which boots must be removed from cars could kill business and result in more towed cars....

Bookmobile's half-century of service could come to an end with Tuesday

October 05, 2016

Community members are scrambling to find support for their bookmobile -- the library-on-wheels that has been serving rural Cache County for the past 50 years....

Logan government to residents: Stop poaching deer in city limits

October 04, 2016

Some Logan residents have been illegally adding to their antler collections by poaching the deer that roam the city's streets....

Federal program to promote LGBT pride in rural America met with uncertainty in Utah

September 23, 2016

A federal campaign to "promote and strengthen" LGBT communities in rural America is being met with a bit of skepticism in Utah -- from an LBGT advocate....

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